Mower won't stay running


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Question Mower won't stay running

I have a gas-powered push mower (briggs & stratton engine) that was running and just shut off. I tried to restart it but it didn't. It sounded like it wanted to though. I heard no noises prior to it shutting off. I let it rest for a couple days and even changed the gas and checked the oil and so on. I tried it again and this time it did start but wouldn't stay running. The idle sounded normal also. Again no noises heard other that the sound of it running. This happened a few times but then I gave up trying. I would like to know any ideas regarding this problem. My manual only states to have it serviced. Thanks so much.
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Try This..

I had the same problem with my push mower a few weeks ago. I could keep it running, but the idle was a little hesitant.

1 - Change the spark plug. I would go with a Briggs and Stratton (you can get them at Home Depot)

2 - Change your Air Filter (also available at Home Depot)

If those don't fix your problem, you may just want to check a small engine repairman because there could be something in your fuel line causing a clog.
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Sounds like the air filter needs to be cleaned/replaced.
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You didnít state what model this is, but if it has a vacu-jet or pulsa-prime or other tank mounted carb there could be a hole in the diaphragm. Dry rot, or even a small pin hole will cause issues like you're describing. Check the plug and air filter first as was already suggested, but if that fails take a peak at the diaphragm, gasket and screen on the pick-up tube.

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