Change tires on the mower?


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Change tires on the mower?

Has anyone tried to swap the rear tires on a rider on the machine? My wheels won't come off, I welded 3 rings to the wheels and have my big puller attached and drove it on until the tip of the puller deformed, Wd-40 for two weeks prior and they still don't move. I'll never buy another mower that doesn't have hub's and lug nuts. It's a Yardman built by MTD if it matters. I thought about heating the wheel but am worried about taking out the seals on the trans axle, maybe heat the wheel with cold water running on the axle and trans axle. any ideas welcome.

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One wrong slip or too much pull on the axle will break the little clip hilding the axle in the transmission,not to mention the trouble in getting the spider gears lined back up.I think that your best bet is to foget about getting the wheel off and just jack that side up,take all the air out of the tire and pry it off and replace it.It takes a while longer but it can be done.I've had to do it many times.
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That's what I was thinking, the tires come off ok? I've tried to do automotive and race tires by hand and it's no easy task, hopefully the turf tires work easier.

As for damaging the trans axle I'm using a puller that pushes on the end of the axle so I'm not putting any stress on the clip.

I will try to do it still on the machine tonight.

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Removing tires on the axles IS no small task. If you don't luck out, you may have to sacrifice the seals and heat the wheel hubs. Perhaps if you concentrate the heat on the outer portion of the wheel hub you may not get enough heat transfer through the axles to ruin the seals. If you do, the tranny will have to be removed from the chassis and the case halves split to replace the seals.

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