B&S 5hp Quantum I/C problem


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B&S 5hp Quantum I/C problem

Ok so I was given this mower and told that it just wouldn't start. So I took the carb and soaked it in a chem-dip for 24 hours and installed a carb kit. Well it would start and then die right after. I noticed that the breather tube was broken and replaced it with a new one. Still did the same thing. Then my brother plugged the end of the tube with his finger and I gave another pull and it started and ran like a champ. Tried it without plugging the hole and no luck....
Any idea why it would fire right up with the tube plugged?
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In all my years repairing all kinds of small engines,personlly I have never heard of such happening. But run a compression check on it,both with and without the breather blocked.What do you get? Knowing that the breather/tube gets rid of access pressure in the crankcase tens to make me think that the piston/rings are shot and getting blow-by,and somehow this pressure is leaking into the crankcase instead of going into the combustion chamber.

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I'll check the compression when I go back over there. Its really weird because it runs strong once you get it started.

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