Sears Walk Behind - wheels lock up


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Sears Walk Behind - wheels lock up

Model 917.377190 When I put it in gear to move forward, the front wheels seize or lock up. Out of gear, the wheels spin freely. I don't see a belt under there, so I've eliminated that as a cause. Should I start looking at the cable? that box-thing on the axle? I have the break-apart schematic printed out so I can see how to take it apart. Also, is sharpening the blade something I can do myself? In advance, many thanks for your help. I need it!
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No, I don't think the cable is causing your problem, and chances are neither is the drive belt. The most likely scenario is the gears in the transmission (box thing on the axle) have worn and are causing the problem.

Sharpening the blade can be accomplished with a grinder, but the easiest way to sharpen the blade is to remove it from the mower. Be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug before doing any work on the transmission or blade as you don't want any accidental starting of the engine while your messing with either of these components.

If you tip your mower to work underneath it be sure that the carburetor is on the side facing up, so gas and oil will not leak out of your engine. It is also a good idea to remove the air filter element if you are going to have your mower tipped on the side in case oil does leak out, it will not contaminate your air filter element.
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Many thanks for your help

I really appreciate it. T.

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