2 Electric String Trimmers Dead?!?


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2 Electric String Trimmers Dead?!?

My old Black & Decker (model??? ... around $30 new ... red & black) began losing power during a lawn trimming session so I thought I would pick up a new one. Turns out my Dad had a spare one (another B & D but different model) that looked in good shape so I took that home to try out. About 5 minutes after the start of use, the motor slowed down & overheated badly. This was almost the exact problem I had with the first trimmer.

I can't say for sure if the second trimmer was in perfect operating condition but it seems like a coincidence that both would have the same problem doesn't it?

Could it have something to do with the 100 ft. cord I am using?

(I use the cord with my electric mower too ... no problems)
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Probably coincidence. They don't make those things with quality in mind. I don't know how many amps the thing pulls, but I doubt it's enough to cause it to overheat on a 100 ft cord. If the cord is damaged, (wire nearly broken in 2, or arced terminals on the plug or receptacle) then it could cause the problem, but this would surely be evident when using the mower too. Have you been running it on this cord over time with no problems? Does the instructions for it state what size and length cords to use?
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No, there were no specific instructions regarding wire size/length and yes, I have been using the cord for a few years now with no trouble. It's in good shape -- no breaks or shorts.

You're probably right, just coincidence. I didn't want to try another trimmer if there was a chance that I could ruin it.

Thanks for the reassurance
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You could plug a trimmer directly into a wall outlet just to see if the same thing happens.

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