Power washer has no power!


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Question Power washer has no power!

The engine starts up very easily and appears to be running cleanly, but it doesn't seem to be generating any power. When I pull the trigger a slow stream comes out, even slower than the regular hose. I just replaced the whole hose & nozzle attachment on my power washer, as the old one was clogged up due to hard water deposits. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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I don't know what washer you have, but in any case I would say the unloader valve is faulty. Especially after the mention of hardwater deposits.
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I'm having mine serviced now. The mechanic told me that many times the tiny holes (about the diameter of a hair) in a part of the pump simply get clogged with debris from hard water, etc. He said that sometimes all it takes to fix them is to soak it in something similar to Lime Away. I would be leery of trying it myself because it seems like it could hurt the metal, but the guy's been fixing pressure washers for over 20 years. Good luck.


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