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I have a replacement engine for a 88 toro riding lawnmower. the engines starter has no wires the only wire coming from the engine is too short and looks like a aligater clip.Code # is 84042711.model # is 252707, and the type# is 0638 01

or do the wires from the battery go to it. HELP I have no idea even if the wires from the batter go to it I have no idea where on the starter. theres the grounding bolt then therse a hole below it looks like for a wire then one on the bottom of the starter also. Any ideas please help Im lost

Usually the only wire going to the starter comes from the starter solenoid to what I am thinking you are calling a 'grounding bolt'. I'm thinking what you are calling the wire with an 'aligater clip' would be the wire coming from the alternator. Follow the large probably red wire from the battery and it should lead to the starter solenoid.
This is just from my experience, I would wait until those that deal with these things on a daily basis chime in. Did your mower previously have electric start?

flirty1, I knew this sounded familiar and found your previous post on this issue. Can you provide the numbers from your mower so puey (or others) can figure out your wiring. I imagine this post will be merged with your previous post.

mower is a Im guessing a 88 toro 7-25 riding lawnmower. the battery is out of the mower and on charger to see if its still good also looking at the digrame the old engine is a tecumseh with a starter that has a plug in clip that just snaps into a wring harness. the old engine I removed and new don't have that type of starters. there both briggs and stratton.

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Flirty, I zigged when I should have zagged with the thread tools. I attempted to merge this thread with your original thread related to this issue. Dang if I know how to do this or correct what I've done to this thread. I'll PM a Super Moderator and try to fix this. In the mean time check your original post for updates I/we have for your trouble. And for future issues, keep all related matter in one thread so that we can keep continuity with the job at hand.
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puey, I thought you were trying to wipe me out of existance :-)
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