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Talking continuing saga of the craftsman 502.270210

sorry my reply to your post did not show up. Not sure what happened. Today I decided to check the square key, lo and behold neither side had one. While having the tires off and the rear end securly placed on cinder blocks I decided to start it up and check for axle rotation and here is what I found...

1. as you are setting on the mower the right axel made a slight movement and nothing more, the left axle rotated great! I changed gears a couple times and the axle moved accordingly speeding up and slowing down. Engaged the brake and the movement stopped. Again this is all on the left side no rotation on the right at all.

2. i got off the mower and manually rotated the right axle and it moved both sides in their correct rotation opposite each other. I then checked the left with the same result. I sprayed each side with WD40 and again check each side by starting the motor and engaging the gears with the same result as the first time.

What can cause this or is this rotation how it is suppose to be?

Thanks.... oh and I have not changed the drive belt yet. I was doing another project today (cleaning out the garag) and fell from the attic ladder hurting my arm, knees, and back (SUX) so I am a little to sore to tackle that job :-)

Also for those of you who it is appropriate HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Look forward to your advise you guys have been wonderful so far and explain things in such away that I feel I have learned so much from you! Thanks!
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The movement you described is fine, nothing to worry about. An open differential will allow one axle to spin while the other stays still. The side with the least resistance will turn.
As for the keys, they should be 1/4" square, more than likely 2-3" long.
They can be bought at your out door power equiment dealer, thru Sears parts dept., auto parts stores and most hardeware stores. Sears shows it as "square key" part # 56534.

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