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John Deere Deck Issue

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06-20-07, 05:55 AM   #1  
John Deere Deck Issue

Hello, once again all. I have a John Deere STX38 Lawn Tractor. I bought a used deck on eBay a couple of weeks ago to replace mine which already has one weld on it and it might not be long before another might be needed. So I compared the two decks and they are exactly alike. The pullies, are smooth and the same diameter as mine, the height is the same as mine. I replaced both belts and put on new blades. But the funny thing is when I turn on my old deck it sounds nice and smooth no wobbling, Yet when I put on the new deck that I bought and turn on the blades to mow, it sounds like it is wobbling and makes more noise than mine as it is cutting the lawn. I also noticed the belts seem to be getting shaved. There is this black dust on the deck. Again I have double checked the pulleys and belts and blades are from John Deere OEM. Just woundering why this is happening. Do the blades need to be balanced? Did I miss something. Any help would be appriciated.


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06-20-07, 07:39 AM   #2  
You did not say if you spun the spindles by hand before you installed the deck. It sounds as if you might have a spindle bearing problem. They should feel smooth when you turn them and if you can free wheel the spindle, it should be quiet. Since you have your old deck, you can compare. Where you are seeing the black dust, check for the belts to be rubbing on something or they may just be slipping due to the spindles turning hard. If you find a bad bearing in a spindle, you might as well rebuild all of them. Also check any idlers used to tension the belts for quiet and smooth operation. When I rebuild a deck it will get bearings in all the spindles and new idlers and belts. Another check is to see that any pivots for the idlers are free and do not have a lot of play in them where the pivot busings could be worn and need replacement. It may seem like a lot of money but in the long run, the deck does not come back for additional repairs when I rebuild them as such.

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06-21-07, 12:23 AM   #3  
If Camino's advice still doesn't show the problem, check the V pulleys...sounds like one of them might be squeezed just a bit. If the "V" shape gets narrower in a spot, it will make the belt ride farther out on the pulley in that spot, which can make the deck shimmy, and chew away at the belt.

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06-21-07, 04:32 AM   #4  
More info

Thanks for the advise. I did do a free spin on the pullies before I put the new belts on the deck and they seemed ok. Just to be sure, if I were to spin the pullies, should they keep spining for a few seconds or should they stop right after I let go of the pulley? Also, when I bought this deck, one of the pullies had a bend in the lip, but the guy who sold it to be said that it didn't matter and he just bent it back with a pair of vice grip pliers. Well, maybe I'll just take my pullies from my deck and put them on the eBay deck. Hopefully that will solve the problem. If not I'll be back on the computer chatting with you guys.


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