Servicing Gas Tank Fuel Filters


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Servicing Gas Tank Fuel Filters

I have a number of homelite products. From time to time I have needed to change fuel filters. Can anyone tell me if there is a tool for inserting the lines through the tank? The lines have to be removed to replace the filter, but it's almost impossible to replace the lines. If there is not a specific tool any trick or tip would be appreciated.
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Try soaking the fuel line in hot water for a few minutes, then insert it through the tank. Insert the fuel line so that it comes out the gas cap hole. Then install the filter and pull the line back in.

I don't know of any tool for this.
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I always cut my tubing on an angle instead of square. Then insert from the outside in and feed enough line out the filler hole. Depending on the filter and the inside diameter of the line, I may not square off the end of the line and install the filter and pull it into the tank. Do about five of these a week and tell my customers to do it the same way.
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Smile Pain In Butt Filter Change

Thanks for the input guys, I used to do that for lines that were long enough to pull the filter up through the filler neck. The problem is the line is too short to reach the filler neck. If you pull the filter and then insert the line it's impossible to reach the line to install the filter. I have had some luck using a piece of wire and taping the wire tightly after passing the wire through the end of the rubber fuel line. I have managed to get the filter changed. This is crude and rude and can lead to the line being too short after a couple filter changes. I suppose if you were to cut the line at a sharp enough angle you could using a piece of fine wire get the line through. I was wondering about something that could be used to grasp the line and allow the line to be pulled through the tank and into the proper outlet without destroying the line. Anyways, I checked and a complete assembly is reasonably cheap and includes all the lines, tank cap and a new filter. Probably cheaper than taking it in and paying a frustrated mechanic who just leaves the same filter in and charges for a new one. I'm going through this exercise because I took a trimmer into a small engine shop to have the filter changed. I had tried doing it before I took it in. I marked the line at the outside of the tank. When I picked up the trimmer I was charged 12.00 dollars plus 1/2 hour labour at 34.00 plus taxes. When I returned home I checked the mark and it was exactly where it was when I took it in. Impossible if the filter is I pulled the filter and low and behold it was the original filter. I took the trimmer back and the lad who worked on it sheepishly admitted that he didn't change it because the filter cannot be reached from the filler neck. That's why I make the effort now to repair my own small engine equipment. Didn't mean to write a book, just passing along my experiences. Thanks guys.
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Simply replace the fuel line each time you replace the fuel filter. The fuel line is less expensive than the filter. May I suggest you purchase ten, or so, feet of the proper size line (most likely 3/32" ID hose) and a several filters to save yourself the trouble of running to the shop each time you service your machines.

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