Shindaiwa questions


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Shindaiwa questions

I know I start most threads this way but it's true:
Neighbor asked me to look at two Shindaiwa trimmers. This might need to be two threads but here goes.
First (and most promising) is a S-25 serial number 3072524. The gas tank is broken as well as a fuel line. I can find the parts and IPL but everything says T-25 or C-25. Is that just the different handle configurations? I put a little gas in the carb and it fired right up so I'm guessing I can get by with a new tank assy (p/n 20000-85003) and it should work unless the carb is 'dirty'. Any other suggestions?
Second is model S-270-1 / EPA CARB, serial 9105863. Same type issue, I can find T270 but no S270 so is it just a configuration thing and the parts will work? This one needs the whole starter assy and breather assy but is otherwise complete.
I know what you are thinking, they are junked for a reason but the guy he got them from is one of those folks that would rather throw stuff away than fix anything.
This might be an obvious question but should I just go ahead and order carb kits for these while I'm at it?
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On the C25/T25 it's just the configuration difference between the brush cutter set up versus the trimmer set up. The fuel tanks will be the same. As for the S270, I can't find any reference in any of my Shindaiwa info that references that particular model number, but I would doubt that there are any differences in things like the fuel tank, starter, etc...
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i never figured out why shindaiwa did that. on the "S270" go by whatever IPL's work listed for the T/C 270 within the correct serial number range.
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I know this is an older thread, but I thought I'd insert this for future reference. Shindaiwa "S" models - for example, S-25 - that's the engine model number. On the shaft is the trimmer model/serial plate, where the trimmer model is. On the engine is the engine model/serial plate. All Shindaiwa models are like that, even current models. If you look at the model plate on the new T242, it says S242...
So an S-25 is a T/C 25.
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Good to know and thanks for the info. For an update, the parts were ordered, installed and they work great.

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