Homelite 3850 Chainsaw carb adjustment


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Smile Homelite 3850 Chainsaw carb adjustment

Can anyone tell me what the initial settings are for the L&H carb screws?

Also, Can you provide instructions on how to tune the carb once you set the L&H screws to the initial settings?

My Homelite chainsaw ran great until I let my Dad borrow it... He took it to a small repair shop to have it tuned up and now, it will run but won't idle at ALL.. I am so upset because this use to be an excellent running saw..

Please help me..... I want my saw running like it use to.....

Note. I did take the carb off the motor because I noticed that the gasket was torn. Actually, 3/4 of the gasket was gone.... I am sure this may have something to do with the idleing problem.

Thanks so much for your help...
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Yes the torn gasket has a lot to do with the chain saw not ideling.replace the gasket,then see how it works.If it still doesn't idle reply back.
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Did you get a detailed invoice indicating what, exactly, the shop serviced and what parts were installed? If so, give us the details. As for the carb settings, this unit should have limiter caps on the adjustment screws and regardless of where they're at the engine should at least start and run. Do you see the limiter caps on the carburetor?
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Homelite Chainsaw..

The only thing on the tag was that carb was adjusted.... The engine does start and runs good, but it will not Idle at ALL. As soon as you let off the trigger, it dies right now.... I read on another thread that a person had a similiar problem and it was due to a torn gasket.... I am going to try and find a gasket this weekend and once I have it installed, I will let you know the results...

By the way.... This is the first time I have posted something in a forumn and I can say that I really appreciate your quick response...

Thanks so much..

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