Homelite HB-18 2 thread spool


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Homelite HB-18 2 thread spool

I am having not just a hard time but an impossible time trying to re-thread my 2 feed spool. Can anyone help me out? I found a book by Clymer for $26 but I rather save the bucks and find a way to learn to do it myself. I researched the net and could only find the Clymer manuals.
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OK.....measure off 20-35 ft of line.Put the two ends together and find the center.Put this center loop into the slot between the two line groves in the spool.With your finger between the two lengths of line rotate the spool in the direction of the arrow on the spool.Keeping all slack out of line,contenue to turn the spool.filling both grooves.When full,position the two line ends 180' from each other and place into eyelets in cutting head.Put spring on back of spool and fit into cutting head.Put bump knob and retainer ring on and lock.

And your done


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