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Troy-Bilt mini tiller won't keep running

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06-24-07, 01:42 PM   #1  
Troy-Bilt mini tiller won't keep running

I just bought a troy-bilt mini tiller. It started and ran... but would kill when I opened the throttle. I bought a rebuild kit and rebuilt it this afternoon.

After the carb rebuild, I couldn't get the primer to prime... weird primer... one line and just sucks and blows...

Anyways before the rebuild i could see gas from the primer squirting in the top of the carb...

So I poured a little fuel in the carb and cranked er up... ran for about 5 secs then died...

repeated the process about 10 times with the same results...

Took the carb back apart and blew air through it... some places i was not sure if I should get air out of...lol

BTW... the valve in the rebuild kit was the wrong size but everythig else matched up... it is a tillostson carb (HU)

Could the "lever" that pulls the needle valve that works with the diaphram be a different size in the kit and cause the valve not to seat proberrly... ok... here is my theory... the primer must use the valve as a check valve in order to prime the carb? i dunno... anyways if the needle valve was not seate properly would that cause the primer not to work...


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06-24-07, 02:25 PM   #2  
I'd have to say you either purchased the wrong rebuild kit, installed it wrong or have the fuel and return lines swapped. What is the model and serial of the tiller? What is the serial number of the carburetor (we know it's a HU model)? What is the part number of the kit you installed? One line (?) to the primer? Isn't the primer integral to the carburetor body? Or is it mounted remotely of the carb? Again, tiller model and serial as well as carb serial, please.

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06-21-09, 10:53 AM   #3  
troy bilt mini tiller

check your fuel cap. What you will probably find is that the tiny rubber vent is sucked closed, creating a vacuum that won't allow fuel to flow, thus shutting the tiller down after about 5 minutes. Take a small pair of scissors and clip it off so that it's open, this should solve your problem.

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06-21-09, 08:06 PM   #4  
This thread is 2 years old, but....

It ran 5 SECONDS after adding fuel to the cylinder. That's a carb problem, not gas cap. Also, do not clip the vent off of a fuel cap. It creates a fire hazard. Replace it instead.

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