Crafstman tiller problems


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Crafstman tiller problems

Just bought a lightly used 7 year old Crafstman HD rear tined tiller with 6 HP Eager 1 motor. Motor will run but surges and I cannot get the every second or so surge out. Cleaned carb and plug. No change. Turned air screw on carb all way in and out change. Thought about air intake leak but no change after I tightened up all intake connections. Acts like its starving for gas. Is there a fuel filter in this line somewhere that I cannot see that may need changing and thereby restricting flow of gas? Also tiller will not shift from neutral to any gear. Can't figure how to get into gearbox to see what ails it. I would appreciate any help from the renowned DIY experts. thanks. b
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The large nut in the bottom of the bowl is the main metering jet, it sound like it is dirty. Remove the nut, very close to the bottom will be 2-3 holes and on some there is a very tiney hole that is hard to see. Clean all these holes, I usually use the wire from the center of a twist tie, then blow out the holes with carb cleaner or brake parts cleaner(I like brake parts cleaner, it doesn't leave any residue). Put it back together and you should be good to go. Post back your results. Have a good one. Geo
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Geo has you on the right track for solving the surge.

The shifting problem is your bigger problem. Maybe a nightmare. The entire tiller has to be pretty much stripped, and then the gearcase to the tiller can be split open to reveal the shifting problem. I suggest trying to get it to shift by working the shifter back and forth, spraying the area where it enters the gearcase, until it shifts or breaks. Going into the case would be a last resort if it were mine. In fact, it would have to be a really nice tiller to be worth that extent of repair in my opinion.
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gearcase problems also

I to have a Craftsman tiller and I think the chain broke that runs the wheels. Yes you do have to strip it completley down and I mean everything. The problem I am having is getting the wheels off. I pulled the pins, sprayed it with PB-Blaster, heated them with a torch and beat on them with a block of wood and a sledge hammer. They won't budge. I am starting to think about just buying another one.


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