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Craftsman 42 inch mower shaft bearing replacement

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06-30-07, 06:06 PM   #1  
Craftsman 42 inch mower shaft bearing replacement

I have a Craftsman 42 inch mower that was cutting unevenly on one side. I looked underneath and the housing shaft assembly was cracked where it mounts to the deck above the blade. I ordered a new housing assembly from sears online with plans to use the existing shaft, mandrel and bearings. When I went to replace the housing, I can not figure out how to remove the old shaft, mandrel and bearing without damaging them to put the into the new housing. The old shaft and bearing function fine and are not damaged.

Can someone give the the steps on how to remove and replace the shaft, mandrel and bearing from the old housing into the new housing? Is this something I can do at home or should I just send the housing back to Sears and get the whole unit with the bearings press fit with the shat in the new housing from Sears?

My Sears tractor mower Model # is 917.258552 and the mower deck part I ordered is #14. The other parts on the mower deck that I would like to reuse from the old housing are Nos. 12,13,15 & 128.


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06-30-07, 10:04 PM   #2  
Remove the nut on top, then the pulley and washer, then tap the shaft out of the housing. Chances are the bottom bearing will come out with it. Then use a dowel or something blunt to drive the upper bearing out. They'll just tap into the new housing.

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08-17-08, 09:36 AM   #3  
HOW do I get that top nut off?

I have bought two new mandrel assemblies for my 42 inch deck, and want to take off the old ones. To get the old ones off the deck, I need to remove the pulleys. To remove the pulleys, I need to remove the top nuts on the mandrel.

And here my troubles begin...

Because when I put my ratchet on the top nut and turn it, the whole central shaft turns. I have nothing to brace against! If I try and put a ratchet on the blade-attachment nut on the bottom, well, it just loosens first.

How do I get this top nut off? I can't find anything to brace against to halt the central core's turning. My father-in-law and I are puzzling over this, and utterly stymied.

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08-18-08, 07:03 AM   #4  
With the blade installed you can lock the blade with a block of wood or a blade holder and then remove the nut from the spindle.

I use a blade holder like this:


I also use the blade holder to reinstall the top pulley, if I am working on the mower deck while it's still installed on the mower. With the deck off, I use an Air Impact Wrench to remove and install this nut. But a blade holder works best if using hand tools.

Best of Luck...

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