4hp carb problem


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4hp carb problem

i have a 4hp briggs and stratton engine on a push mower that dies after 2 seconds of running. i just replaced the diaphram and cleaned the carb and airfilter. any suuggestions? it is a plastic carb with the primer button.
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Did you install the diaphragm and gasket in the correct order? How did you "clean" the carburetor? What was the condition of the air filter before "cleaning"? With what solution did you clean the filter?
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i put the diaphram on bottom and the gasket on top of that. every hole in that carb is cleaned with carb cleaner. i cleaned the airfilter with a degreaser, purple power
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It sounds like the fuel jet is still plugged. There is a larger diameter tube with a screen cover that sets into the fuel bowl in the tank. Remove the screen and see if you can spray carb choke cleaner through the center of the jet. You might need a real fine wire to force through the jet to get fuel to be drawn into the engine.

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