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Smile methanol question

I have a B&S 5hp engine and i was planning to run it off methanol but pple tell me to bore the carb jets b4 i do it. Wut will happen if i dont bore them??If i have to how do i do it and how big.
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Running meth is not as simple as boring out the carb jetting, there are many other required mods you must make for the engine to even run on meth. I'd have to write a book to and give up trade secrets so why not just buy an engine designed to run on alcohol?
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TyW114: Read the replies to your identical post in the go carts & golf carts forum. If you want to get more specific answers you will have to say exactly what engine you have and then ask a specific question.

Basically it is easy and cheap (relative) to get your engine to run on methanol by changing the jets and timing. You will have the fun of saying that you are running meth and the engine will have a nice sweet smell, but you will not get the power & potential of methanol without making other modifications and that's where the "secret" methods puey61 mentioned come into play. A stock class kart racing engine has MANY modifications and can easily cost over $1'000.
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You can easily find a Briggs flat-head alcohol engine for under $400. If you want to spend more, the Briggs Animal engine is a great engine for a little over $500.

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