Ryan String Trimmer - Rebuilding Carb


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Ryan String Trimmer - Rebuilding Carb

I bought a Ryan string trimmer at a garage sale for $10, they said it ran when they put it away. Anyway, I ended up replacing the fuel lines, and primer bulb. The carb needs rebuilt. The diapraghm is shot. the inlet needle was sticking into the carb (so gas would not release). I'm not sure why. The fuel pump seems to be in good condition. It looks like someone has been in this carb before.

String trimmer model number Ryan 265-1

Carb WT84 (I think) there is also a 1/88 on it? does that mean made in january 1988?

On the walbro website i found a WT84-1 is this it?
assuming it is I would need a repair kit K10-WAT or a Gasket/Diaphragm kit D10-WAT.

Which should I go with? Is this even the right kit (Puey, you probably know)? It looks like there are some extra gaskets and fuel pump diaghprams in there. Is this just to make one kit for many carbs or am I just not doing it right?

I'm planning on soaking it for a little while. Will the L-shaped Black plastic piece on the fuel inlet be in any danger? I think thats the only rubber/plastic that's left on it.

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Yes, the 1/88 does indicate the year. Yes, the carburetor is a WT-84-1 and does use the K10-WAT, kit and there will be extra parts in the kit and you should use this kit, not the "D" kit as the "K" kit includes the inlet needle. The L-shaped fuel fitting could easily be affected by the bath cleaner, soak for 10-minute intervals at a time and spraying down with carb/choke cleaner and allowing sufficient time to air dry and for the fitting to contract (as the bath cleaner will expand the plastic material of the fitting) between soakings. That is all that you will have to be concerned with before soaking. Be sure to replace the carb mounting gasket if this is ripped/torn up from removing the carburetor.

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