Sears Air Compressor went south


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Sears Air Compressor went south


I'll try to make this short and sweet. I have a Craftsman Air Compressor. Awhile back, I noticed that the compressor was running for alot longer than it had in the past. In fact it would not shut down. I started taking things apart...What I noticed was the tank pressure gauge was not going above 70-80 pounds. Ok Next I went to the check valve cleaned it up the valve disc appeared to be ok, it moved very freely,, I think thats ok??? That's about as far as I went. Looking at the big picture I'm thinking maybe the Pressure switch?? Sears themselves really haven't been much help. If the problem with this thing is something I can replace myself, I'd rather.
Yesterday I went ahead and fired up the compressor. I let it run til I felt it should have stopped. The tank pressure gage showed 50 lbs. I did another leak test at all fittings around the head, no leaks found. This morning pressure gage still reads the same. I did not remove the head or anything else. Would a bad check valve cause the problem? Can a check valve move freely and still be bad? Could a bad pressure switch cause any of this?
All of the pressure in the tank did finially leak out.

The Model # 919.165190

Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please contact me.

Thanks again

Mike Rickard
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A pressure switch wouldn't cause this, because the pressure hasn't gotten high enough to involve the switch yet. It sounds to me like the compressor pump is not building enough pressure. This is due to a bad check valve or a bad piston seal. If this is an oilless compressor, then the piston is almost certainly the problem. They don't last very long.
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The fact that it holds pressure steady, just not alot, would indicate that the piston and ring, which I believe are ceramic in nature, are not sealing well and thereby not building up pressure. If the tank lost pressure I'd suggest other problems.

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