Starter Brushes questions


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Starter Brushes questions

I have a Troybilt Tiller, Model 15009, more know as a Pony with 5hp B&S engine. I purchase the tiller used about 2 years ago. I had wanted a Troybilt tiller for over 20 years. Now the saying my Dad spoke about on several occasions is coming true. And that saying was watch what you wish for it might end up costing you more than what you bargin for. The problem started when I threw a drive belt and it needed to be replace. When I took it down I decided to clean it up and touch up the paint. I got it all back together and hit the key and no go. Would not turn over. I had the battery charger trinkle charging it to keep up the batery. I check all voltages every think with in normal spec. Starters have never been my specality. I took it down to my local lawn repair let them have at it. They said it was full of rust! Said they clean and lube it. Got it back, reassemble and started to trouble shoot it again for not starting. Ran out of time. Came back the next day and to trouble shoot, Hit the key and stater would not turn over. Check all voltages and notice solenoid was clicking. I was able to disassemble the solenoid and did not find anything wrong with it. The insides look new. Reasemble and mount. Finnally I pull starter and dissasemble. I was unable to find any info are diagrams on how to dissassemble unit. Well any way when I got stater apart sure enugh there was a pile of rust on the armature. The steel had layers of rust. I think I got hose on this repair job. It look as if it was blow out and some type of spray lubricant was shot in the holes on the end cap I got the armature clean up. I used light sand paper and got them prerty clean. I pull the bendix off so it make it easy to handle and I did'nt see anyway to asemmble unit. My starter part number 690658. My numbers on the engine is 135927 type 0157-01. Well here my question. The end cap looks like it made out of bake light are hard plastic and it has slots in it for the brushes to set. My brushes still look pertty good but how do you hold them back so I can insert the copper part of the armature in the cap and align the brusehs. I try paper clips, wire, & tape nothing works. I don;'t have enough fingers to hold them and to alighn them up. On new brushes do you have to sand them up to help them seat. I've try to hand start this unit on several occasions and you can not start by hand. It will not start! In fact I just pull my arm and it killing from this round
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New brushes do not need to be lapped in to begin with and Briggs & Stratton has special tools to service their starters including one to hold the brushes in place to aid in assembly, perhaps your local shop would be willing to sell you a pair of these brush assembly clips. But, before you procede any further with this starter, can you turn the starter over manually, by hand, without any unusual resistance? I'm concerned the rust may be creating an irreversible situation to the armature that may not be worth repairing this starter. I'd focus on the pull start method of starting the engine before you spend any money on the starter motor. Get the engine to start and run well by pull starting first then worry about the starter motor.

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