Ariens Front Tine Tiller Illustrations


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Ariens Front Tine Tiller Illustrations

I have an Ariens Front tine Tiller, model no. 902004, serial no. 032347, which is about 20 years + old. Been having difficulty with drive belt which controls the tines. I've had it in the repair shop twice already trying to get the right size belt to go on it.

I finally got it back the second time, but as soon as the tines dig in the dirt, they stop turning and the belt starts to slip. If i put the next size belt down(lower) the tines turn all the time.

the mechanic told me that the way it is rigged up is a home made job, with a pice of thick wire running from the belt tensioner to a lever which is in turn attached to another wire that runs up to the handle control for the tines where there is an additional spring approximately two inches long which attaches to the handle lever.

My question is this does anyone know how the original factory hook up would have been done, and if there is a website where i can get an illustration of the said Tiller, so I can possibly put it back to its original mode of operation.

Also if there was a way to show you an illustration of the way it is hooked up now, so i could post it on the forum would also be of great help, and anyone who is going to respond to this post with an answer may email me at [email protected] or contact me on Yahoo Messenger at [email protected] By these two avenues i could display the way it is hooked up now.



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I could find no such model number listed here and by clicking on the "Parts Radar" link on that page, so, you'll want to recheck the model number and if this is correct then you'll have to consult an Ariens authorized dealer by searcing the "Dealer Locator" on that same page.

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