snapper rider won't move


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snapper rider won't move

hi.well another problem with ol' betsy, it's an older snapper rer that I recently
replaced the engine on,It had ran/cut great all summer then yesterday while
cutting it stopped all forward motion,would only move in reverse then trying to
back it to the barn the reverse goes...mower won't roll in any gear,I raised on end and ckecked the obvious culprits like drive wheel and drive plate all
look good,I did notice that when I manually rotate a rear wheel they don't
turn in same direction? I can manualy turn drive disc by hand and it will
rotate the wheel's ..I re-adjusted the drive plate,thinking it may have slipped
up on the crankshaft,and after several adjustment attempt's did get it to
move under power for a short way's before it stopped again? now still won't
move or roll free in any position...any idea's? what would cause the rear wheel's to turn in opposite directions? thank's for the help in advance
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Turning one of the rear wheels by hand and the other wheel turning in the opposite direction is the norm for any riding mower.I beleive that your problem will indead be the drive disk.the plastic covering along the edge of the disk is supposed be rounded,if it's war off flat will cause the problem that you describe.

goto the snapper website listed below,click on the word >> publications << and fill out the requsted info IE.YEAR,MODEL,HORSE POWER and TYPE OF MANUAL WANTED-in this case SERVICE.That should show you all that you'll need to know to replace it.

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thank's for the input,the disc does indeed appear to be flattend out and I
don't have a problem with replacing it but what about not being able to roll freely in any gear? the brakes is not on,I've tried all gear position's but it wont budge?
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Maby the brake is stuck? Reach under the tranny where the brake is and see if it's releasing. It will release very easily if that's the case.
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Stand the mower up, put it in gear, and see if you can turn the driven disk by hand. You should not be able to turn it easily without pulling it away from the drive disk. If you can, the adjustment is not set correctly, the clutch pressure spring is broken/missing, or the liner is worn. Depending on which series you have, there could be an inside liner to the driven disk too. This could also be worn. You might also want to visually verify that the disk is actually moving back and forth when you change gears. It could be that the shifter connection has come apart (usually at the ball-joint on the linkage).
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yea that's what has me bugged? with mower standing on end I can manually
turn the hub where the disc mount's and the wheel's rotate correctly,the
brake is not on,the clutch bracket moves the disc away from the drive plate
when applied, and the disc moves to proper gear position when the shifter
handle is moved,I have adjusted the drive plate several times to be sure it
is not that, but the mower will still not roll freely in any gear position
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Cheese mentioned a liner inside the flanged diameter of the rubber drive disc and it appears you have this series RER (rear engine rider) and if this is worn/missing you will have no drive. Look for this brake type lining on the ID of the flanged part of the rubber drive disc.

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