Yard Maching Dead Man Switch?


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Yard Maching Dead Man Switch?

I have an older YM (maybe 8 years old) that I inherited from the previous owner of my home. Before I ever bothered to start it I: drained/changed the oil, drained and added new gas, checked air filter, checked fuel line, tested battary, changed plug. Every thing is good now. It started right up believe it or not. But, the pedal (dead man switch/brake) you have to step on to start the mower is not engaging now. After the first start, it got progressively hard to engage. Depressing the lever is easy, Im saying that, at the last attempt, you practically had to stand on it to get it. I've been under and thru this mower and I cant find what could be the problem. Every thing looks tip top. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome ruben
Sounds like your safety switch that engages when you step on the pedal is not fully being depressed. Look at that switch to see if it worked itself out its holder or something since you say it got progressively worse. Maybe you could bend or adjust the holder closer to the pedal.
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Thanks. I'll look at it again. Is there maybe some kind of switch this is connected to that could need replacement? The last time I looked at the rods they all looked good and everything was connected the way it looked like it should. Thanks again.
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Yes, there is a safety switch related to the clutch pedal and using an assistant to operate the clutch pedal (without the engine running) you can watch all the linkages/components related to the pedal and you'll then find the switch and then see if it is being fully depressed by the pedal motion.
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Funny how you start down one path and end up on another. After looking at this switch problem for several days now, I've decided this just cant be the problem. It all looks good. All the internal buttons are depressing correctly and all the linkages look like they are working fine. I went to the store and bought yet another battery and hooked it up. There is no power any where. The battery wires a newish (last year). Maybe the solenoid? Or some other wire covered in miles of electrical tape? Any suggestions as to where to start looking first. I've checked the obvious loose connections, ie...solenoid, grounds, ignition, starter, lights. None of them work. Not even a click from the solenoid. I swear, this mower has run in the last 3 months. Thanks for the help.
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If you have no click or anything, you probably have a disconnected wire or a safety switch problem.

Try pulling back on the deck lever (so it raises the deck) and starting it. (while you are sitting in the seat and holding the pedel down) The bracket sometimes sags and doesnt fully trip the switch.
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Or a blown fuse (check for a fuseholder inline on the small red wire coming from the pos. cable at the solenoid end).

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