bar oil leaking into C.Chamber Homelite XL2


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Cool bar oil leaking into C.Chamber Homelite XL2

I have a small homelite XL2 chainsaw. When I tried to start it last week, I flooded it, and when I pulled the spark plug I noticed that bar oil is leaking into the combustion chamber. Is there a seal or something that is on the automatic oiler? It is a good little saw and I'd like to fix it. Thanks for any advice
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illustration breakdown of saw

You might try ( website and check the online parts illustration. This will get you to EMPART web where you can either put in the UT- model number under the MODEL header or manually search the product line header for your unit. You might have to check several as there are many different XL 2 listings. I have not done an XL for some time and I believe that they have a separate oil tank. The oil is pumped to the bar by crankcase pressure changes in a diaphram pump. The pump might be causing a leak of oil into the crankcase but like I said, it has been some time since the last XL unit I worked on. I do remember a model that used a presureized tank that had a hose from under the carb that had a duck bill valve in the oil tank. Good Luck
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Most likely it's the duck bill valve that pressurizes the oil tank that is allowing bar and chain lubricant into the crankcase. Some models used only a pressurized oiler tank to feed oil to the bar, but even the ones with the diaphragm pump utilized a pressurized oil tank. I have seen many units that had the valve missing or fell off into the oil tank and would smoke excessivley due to the missing duck bill valve
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Cool re: bar oil leaking into C.Chamber

Thanks for the replies, I now remember replacing that duckbill valve about 4 years ago. Either it fell off in the tank or it is bad. Thanks again. The XL2 is such a cheap little saw, but I keep it for sentimental reasons, it belonged to my late father in law, that and it fits real handy in the plastic dairy crate strapped on my honda 90.

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