Left Gas Can Out in the Rain

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Left Gas Can Out in the Rain

I was a pinhead and left my gas can out in an hour-long driving rainstorm. The can's nozzle was open and pointing up at a 2 o'clock angle. There was about a gallon of gas in it at the time. Clearly water got in, but I can't tell how much.


How can I tell how much water got into the can?
Can I still use the fuel in my push mower?
Is there a way to pour in gas into the tank and leave out the water?
If I must dispose of the fuel, how do I get rid of a gallon of gasoline without breaking every environmental law on the books?

Anything else you experts can add will be most helpful.


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Call up a local full service gas station and ask them if they can dispose of the gas for you or what other options there are.Then go there and buy the replacement gas from them and fill your car while at it as a thanks.

Don't risk using gas with water in it.It's not worth the 3 bucks.
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The water is heavier than the gas and will go to the bottom, I suggest getting a clear plastic soda bottle, pour some gas in the soda bottle, let it set a few minutes to see if water collects in the bottom of the bottle, if so you can carefully pour the gas from the bottle into your mower or auto and then disguard the water, repeat the process until you have processed all the gas. Have a good one. Geo
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I have many small tanks and water is often a problem.

As Geo has said, pour the gas into another container until you see the water at the bottom of the original tank.
When you are left with a couple of cups or so pour that into a smaller container and carefully pour it off until you get to the water again.

You should be able to decant a gas can with water in the bottom so that you only have a couple of ounces of water/gas.

................or, call me up and at the price of gas I would gladly take it off your hands!

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