Simplicity Broadmoor 1999 starting problem

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Simplicity Broadmoor 1999 starting problem

I have a Simplicity Broadmoor 1999 model #1363355 which has issues starting. It sounds like the saftey interlock is not engaging even though everything is in the correct position. When you turn the ignition key your hear a distinct click near where the interlock is to the left of the meter. Eventually if you keep turning the ignition key on and off it engages and starts. Could also be a bad ignition switch. Seems to be the worse at first start. Once the mower is warm it is not as bad. Any ideas, thanks.
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I could find no such model number you posted but I did find a 1693355, which I know to be common on US-shipped Simplicity's. In either case, you need to remove related wiring connectors and clean any corrosion from them as it appears you have a corrosion issue somewhere in the start circuit wiring. Be sure to check all six battery cable ends while you're at it.
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Look real close at the wire connectors on the back of the ignition switch for corrosion. The clicking sound you hear might be the solnoid also that has corrorided internally and can only be replaced. You can find the solnoid by following the cable from the starter motor back towards the battery. You probably will have a four terminal solnoid. The two large terminals are the battery feed and the starter feed. The two small terminals are the ignition switch feed through the solnoid coil and is grounded through several safety switches, such as the PTO and brake switches. You can disconnect the two small terminals and jumper one to ground the the other to the battery positive terminal. If you get a good hit everytime you touch the battery, then you solnoid is good. With a volt meter you can see which of the small terminals wires is grounding through the safety switches and reattach it to the solnoid. The other wire on the small terminal should have 12+ volts when you turn the key to start. If not look at the ignition switch for a corroded terminal or why you are not getting voltage.

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