Aftermarket Muffler for Portable Generator?


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Aftermarket Muffler for Portable Generator?

Hi Folks -

First, thanks to all of you and the moderators - this site is a great source of information.

I recently purchased a Briggs and Stratton 15 hp, 8000/13500 running/starting generator. The unit works great and starts well, as expected. However, it is a bit loud, and the houses in my neighborhood are built very close together.

I was wondering if there is a good aftermarket muffler company for small engines like this. It is rated at 72 DB, and I'd like to try to drop that by 25 percent or so. I'm willing to accept a drop in total HP, as I have more wattage than my house needs.

I like to run the generator once every 2 -4 weeks, but I'm sure my neighbors are not as fond of it as I am. Keeping the noise down would help greatly.

Let me know if you have used any products that work well, or if you've made one yourself. I was thinking a modified water muffler might even work - the one on my boat works great.

Thanks Guys -

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While replacing the muffler may help some, it most likely will not make the difference you are looking for. Much of the noise you hear from the engine running radiates out through the engine block and is not exhaust noise as much as it's just combustion noise.

An enclosure will make the biggest difference and will also keep your unit out of the weather.

Check the following link for an explanation of how an enclosure for a generator should be built.


Search the site for quieter mufflers and look at the sound shield pdf file for creating a sound shield for your generator.
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30YearTech -

Thanks for your reply. I was wondering how much of the noise was coming out of the cylinder walls, as opposed to the exhaust port. I guess it's just the rpm and number of cycles, and lack of a water jacket around the cynlinder.

I will take a look at the enclosure route - might be the perfect idea. Good thing is that if I have to build in a fan, I won't have to look too far for power

Thanks again -

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Along with that, any muffler restrictive enough to make a difference on noise is also going to effect how well the unit runs.

An enclosure is your best bet and will make a HUGE difference.
My genset has a Honda engine, so is relatively quiet to start with, but the enclosure I built for it quiets it enough that you can stand right next to it and carry on a conversion without raising your voice. Three, ten inch fans provide airflow for cooling and combustion. 2x6 insulated walls, concrete base, 2x4 flip up ceiling (for servicing, etc).
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What make generator and what are the ID numbers of such? Also post back with the Briggs engine model, type and code numbers?
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