high idle briggs stratton quattro. help?


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high idle briggs stratton quattro. help?

I replaced the diaphragm in my B&S 4HP quattro because i ran it dry, and then after that the mower would not idle steady. After replacing the diaphragm ( this is what was suggested) the idle was steady . The mower now has a smooth steady idle but it is much much higher (faster) than it was before. The mower also seems to run twice as loud as it used to. What do I do
to fix this problem.
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There are a few things that could cause the problem. Remove the air filter and look at the linkage conected to the carb. Can you move the throttle linkage back and forth? If the linkage is connected improperly, it can bind, causing it to overspeed and rendering the air-vane governor inoperable. Also, the tab that the spring connects to could have gotten bent outwards a bit, causing there to be more tension on the governor resulting in overspeeding.

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