lawn boy 10323 starting problems


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lawn boy 10323 starting problems

It won't start. Has spark. Coil tested OK in another mower. Plug is good. Cleaned carb. It has compression, 90# like another lawn boy. It will fire but won't stay running or come up to speed. I wonder if the easy starting system has something to do with it. I don't know how that system works. When it fires it will do it once then spin about 5 or 6 revs before it fires again. that's what makes me wonder about the easy start system. If it were a regular engine it would not keep spinning so easily when it isn't firing. Is there some kind of compression reduction thing that is sticking and keeping the motor from reaching speed? It won't run, just almost seems to want to run....
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No there is no mechanical compression release on your Lawnboy. Some of the engines used a "Sonic" compression release but after a short while these would become ineffective due to carbon build up.

Check both crankshaft seals and the reed valves make sure there is no foreign material holding the reed plate open and that the seals are in place.

Have you tested the ignition module to see that you are getting consistent spark?

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