Troy-bilt Pony Speed Issue


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Troy-bilt Pony Speed Issue

I have a Troy-bilt rider (pony) that is two years old. I have noticed that the ground speed will at times go from maybe 4th speed to 5 with out me shifting it. MTD says it is the frame flexing and there is a kit for this fix. I have never heard of this and can find no other MTD product owner that's had this problem or heard of it. I bought it at Lowe's and they had never heard of the problem. Any ideas?
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MTD being the mfg. should know and has probably fixed the problem on later models, however, the kit should be supplied at no charge. Have a good one. Geo
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Let Me "Reclarify"

Thanks for the reply. I have called and MTD did say they would take care of this issue. Bigger picture...could this not be some adjustment that is slipping, either with the speed shift lever or underneath with the adujusting rod to the transmission? I find it hard to beleive that with all the Troy-bilts that Lowe's has sold (my model) that no one else would have this problem. Another reason I didn't jump for the fix, no one around here enjoys doing Troy-bilt warranty work and I get that "well it'll probably be 3-4 weeks before we can get it done".
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I'm not a shop guy, just a guy that likes to (try and) fix stuff so I usually cut my $.02 down to $.01 so here is my $.01. If this is warranty work I'd definately have it done the way they want it. If they have gone through the trouble to make a kit it must be a problem and doubt it will get better. Gotta be a known problem. If you wait and you have any luck like mine it will go out of warranty then fail then they will probably charge you for the kit and the labor. See if the shop has a 'loaner' or something.

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