walbro carb


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walbro carb


This is a Walbro WT84 off a string trimmer.
I replaced the diaphragm/gasket, inlet needle, fuel pump/gasket, and metering arm. I soaked it for half hour and blew it out with compressed air. When trying it out ( with the air filter and choke off ), It idles fine but dies immediately when I open the throttle, even if ive let it warm up.
Muffler is clear, compression is good (110 psi). High and low screws out 1&1/4 turn. Does the main nozzle look right? It sort of looks like brass cylinder, with something white at the bottom and a circle of spring steel holding it in place. I haven’t seen this setup before.

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Yes...the main nozzle looks in good shape in the pic'c.Did you change out the fuel filter in the fuel pump side of the carb?But it sounds to me that you got it running just a little too lean,Turn the high speed adjusting screw (one nearest the air filter) out 1/16 to 1/8 more.That should do it.
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Unless it is extremely worn I would suggest installing the original metering arm as it has the proper height setting for that carb. Have a good one. Geo

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