Echo blower, no spark


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Echo blower, no spark

Hey, i recently bought an echo 620 blower and it ran great--started on 1st pull. But the last time i went to use it, it wouldnt start and made no attept to start. I changed plug and gas--no start. I decided to hold the spark line while pulling starter to test tfor spark. Unfortunately, i didnt get the shock i was looking for. Any ideas on what could have caused the spark failure or how to go about fixing it?


I bought it used, so no warranty
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Disconnect the kill switch lead wire and retest for spark. If still no spark then the ignition module will probably need to be replaced.

The ignition modules on Echo products have a lifetime warranty for the part only. So even if the warranty is expired on the blower, a dealer should replace the module for the cost of the labor only.
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Thats some way to check for spark! All you have to do is hold the sparkplug to a metal part of the engine and pull the starter, but hey, whatever works for you...
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It works best if you're bare foot and standing in a puddle of water,lol. Have a good one. Geo
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Its a way of testing that sometimes is the only option. Rewind removed and or no electric start, grab the lead and ground your hand to the block and spin the flywheel by hand, not much of a twinge but nuff to tell.
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BFH, I agree and sometimes even when all the resourses are available you just can't see the spark arc when holding the plug to the block, especially when you are doing it all by yourself. However you can feel the tingle and in some cases a big tingle. Have a good one. Geo
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The wire that 30-year mentioned to disconnect must be disconnected at the ignition coil for the test to be absolute. If you disconnect it at the kill switch then you are not eliminating the wire, itself, as a potential problem.

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