Suzuki generator surges


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Thumbs down Suzuki generator surges

I am currently working on a suzuki generator that had sat for 7 years. I soaked the carb in Berryman but now it surges when running. Am I missing one of tiny tiny holes. I run a wire through all I could see. I also took the jet in the bowl nut out but forgot to take the center jet out. Although the holes are all clean. Also does anyone know where to get a repair kit for these? It is a mikuni built carb. Thanks a million!!!
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sounds to me like the carb is still some engine numbers so folks can see what you have.
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The generator is a SE3000AD. The engine numbers are SE301-006601. Hope this helps.
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Hello: dalel20

If you're still with us and checking your posted question for additional replies, try this. I do agree the carb is still likely slightly plugged up. Carb may still have an internal fuel flow restriction.

Soaking alone does not insure a complete carb cleaning.

Disassemble carb. Use a can of any type of gamut carb cleaner. Insert the red plastic tube that comes with the can of clean into every hole and or port in the carb. Blast carb cleaner into each hole or port and be sure the cleaner exists somewhere. Especially in the carb venturi.

Also do the same into both adjustment screws, if carb is equipped with a High (H) and Low (L) screw. Check for a constant fuel flow out of the fuel tank also. Any in line or in tank fuel filter may be restricted and or clogged.

Small engine repair parts, carb rebuild kits, generic repair manuals and additional help are all available at all local small engine repair shops and or lawn mower repair shops in your area. Shops and dealers are listed in the phone book directory.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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On your carb there is a jet located under a screw head on the top of the carb near the idle screw. The jet is under the screw and has a supper fine hole in it. The only wire small enough to go through it is the retainer on the needle valve on a Lawn Boy newer 2 cycle carb. The Mikuni carb is hard to find parts for. Toro used the Suzuki engine, both 2 and 4 cycle for a couple of years but has started to eliminate the parts as available from them. I have a Suzuki 3 horse 4 cycle in a Toro Lawn edger with a bad needle valve that Toro said was no longer available but found a Lawn Boy model with a Mikuni Carb with the same needle valve. The needle valve cost $65.
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Suzuki generator

I'm also working on a Suzuki SE3000AD generator. Finally resolved the problem with the carb, but now the oil light keeps coming on even though there is oil in the engine. This in turn causes the engine to shut down.

Any suggestions, or know where to get a schematic?

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oil shutoff

I was surprised to find, there were 2 different places to add oil to my gen set (different brand). The LOW OIL was shutting it down till some oil was added to the second filler. I still don't know exactly the function. Bruce Roe

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