Poulan Chainsaw slows under load


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Unhappy Poulan Chainsaw slows under load

My 16" Poulan slows considerabily when I lay it on a branch. I've cleaned the bar, new chain and sparkplug, cleaned the air filter. Some improvement ,and it runs like it's old self before trying to cut, but I can't use it to cut as the chain slows down too much. Any suggestions.? I'm capable of taking it apart to work on it.
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Possible carburetor adjustment, sounds like it might be a little lean on the high speed circuit. Try opening the high speed adjustment screw on your carburetor 1/8 to 1/4 turn out (ccw) and see if that helps any.

You also may want to check the fuel filter in the fuel tank, it may need to be replaced.
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Cool Thanks

I'll give it a shot.

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If the engine is not falling on its face and the chain is simply bogging out then perhaps you have a clutch that is slipping by way of a weak spring or worn clutch shoes or a worn bearing.
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Maybe the bar need to be dressed? With the chain off run your fingers from the center of the bar, down off the bottom edge and up off the top edge. You should not feel a lip at the edge at all. If it gets too bad, that lip will end up as wide as the chain and it won't cut worth anything.
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How many hours are on this machine? I believe typical Poulans, except brand new Cali spec saws have only like a 15 hr life span before rebuild....I could be wrong.
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Question Thanks Guys, one more thing

It's got a least 15 hours on it. Given the replies I'm thinking its a clutch problem and posssibly more as I worked the saw pretty hard. What's in a rebuild? Carb, Clutch and Bar? I hope you get back to me as I want to order the parts ASAP. Depiste the bad press on Poulans this has been a good littls saw for me and I want to keep it despite expecting my new Husqvarna 460 20 to arrive soon.
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Lightbulb Excessive Carbon

Hello: jpokalsky

Possible the muffler and/or spark arrester (or both) are restricted with excessive carbon. A restricted exhaust system will or can display the symptoms you describe. Loss of power under a load.

Before attempt any other repairs and or carb etc. adjustments, I suggest checking the entire exhaust system. Any of the already suggested possibilities may still exist. Restricted exhaust is just one more potential cause.

Regards & Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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