MTD will only move in reverse


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MTD will only move in reverse

...and of course my yard is half mowed My 1980s MTD Yard Machines riding mower will no longer move forward. I was mowing normally , then it started bogging intermittantly as if someone was slamming on the brakes. It kept getting worse until it just wouldn't move if in FORWARD. It just bogs the motor down until it dies or until I push in the clutch. Sometimes pushing in the clutch doesn't disengage it and it dies. This applies to FORWARD only. It moves normally backward.

The REVERSE position was working fine at first, but it seems now that FORWARD motion is locked and the NEUTRAL position acts as REVERSE.

The wheels spin freely. When I turn the large main pulley, it turns freely in NEUTRAL, but when I put it in FORWARD, the pulley turns 1/8 turn then locks up. There are no grinding/crunching sounds there an internal brake in the tranaxle that could be actuating improperly? I ask that because of the way it was like someone was putting on a brake and letting it go....more and more frequently until it just stopped moving altogether. This all happed in about 50 feet of travel.

It has all new belts.

Thanks in advance for any lawn looks ridiculous!
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Sounds to me like the tranny gave up the ghost. It does have a brake, but that wouldn't cause the symptoms you're describing. Might be time to drop the tranny and open it up...or put another one in there. There are a lot of used transaxles around for that mower.
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Well shoot, I just gave one of those trannys away. Oh well... Just shows you how common they are.
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Thanks for the fedeback. I think you're right. The more I mess with it, the more weird it works. I bought a used Craftsman 16HP/42 today w/OHC B&S. MAN does it run nice! I'll repair the transaxle and sell the MTD.
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