No Spark.


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Angry No Spark.

I have a Jacobsen78 tractor,16HP kohler engine. I recently replaced points, condensor,and coil. I have power to coil on positive side still no spark. I have set the points to 20 ths still nothing. Was running fine while cutting grass it stalled I have replaced all above but it still won't start.
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Did you clean the points after you set them??R U sure you haven't got the moveable side of the points grounded too??
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It sounds like you have a battery ignition engine, do you? If so, the battery must be strong and the connections/cable-ends must be corrosion-free. Test the battery amperage if in doubt and clean all the cable ends to be sure they're making good contact. This is assuming you have all the other bases covered...carburetion and compression and that you do, indeed, have an ignition issue.
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Got a ohmmeter? If so, unplug the negative wire from the coil and connect it to one lead of the ohmmeter, connect the other to ground. Rotate the engine by hand slowly while watching the ohmmeter. If you get an open circuit most of the time, then a closed circuit for a short spot in the position of the engine during rotation, then back open again, the points are working and making connection and we'll go from there.

If you have an open circuit all the time, then there's a problem with the points.

If you have a closed circuit all the time, then the points aren't opening or the kill wire is grounded for some reason (possibly a safety switch).

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