Swisher No power when cutting Grass


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Question Swisher No power when cutting Grass

I have a swisher Zero Turn mower that is about 3 years old. It has a Briggs and Straton intek engine. It will run but when trying to cut grass it does not have enough power to cut. When just idling it does not sound like it is at full power either. Any ideas what might be wrong with it? Any ideas what I could try or test to see what needs to be fixed.
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Do you have an idea as to how many hours are on this? I ask because if used as a homeowner machine with say 150 hours on it vs. say a pro machine used 5 days a week with 3000 hours on it will suggest totally different problems and solutions.
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It is just a homeowner machine. I used it about 5 - 8 hours a week. When it started having problems there probably not that many hours on it really. Now I did notice that when I would trailer it up to go mow my parents house, that if I did not shut the gas off, I would end up with gas in the oil. I Know I mowed once with gas in the oil. Once I found it I changed that and the oil filter right away.
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Engine info? Is it a twin cylinder? Sounds like it could be a twin cylinder running on one cylinder. Changed plugs yet? The gas in oil problem is due to a leaking needle/seat in the carburetor.
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It is a single cylinder with OHV. 18.5 horse motor Plug has been changed, oil, oil filter and airfilter as well. Just seems like it is not running at full power. Once you turn on the mower deck, the motor boggs down and the blades will barely turn let alone cut grass. Does seem to work a little better after it has warmed up, at least that is how it appears to me. But still not any where close to where it should be.
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Take a look at your throttle cable where it is clamped to the engine. It is possible that the cable has slipped in the clamp and you are not getting anywhere near the RPMs that are required to run the blades and not bog the engine down. Look real close at the outer housing on the cable for signs of where it was clamped previously. The clamp is ususally tightened with a 5/16 inch hex screw. On some engines the throttle cable also runs the choke but it appears that yours runs only the throttle. You can set this cable by setting the cable at full throttle and with the clamp screw loose pull or push on the cable as far as you can and your throttle shaft on the carb goes wide open. Then tighten you cable clamp.
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The cable is fine and it does also run the choke. dont know if it could be a governor issue, maybe a valve problem. I am just trying to throw some things out that I might be able to check... If worse comes to worse, I am just going to buy a replacement motor and donate the bad one to my kids auto shop class for training
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If you've eliminated all possible parasitic load possibilities - by removing both belts from the engine - then it will be difficult to diagnose without being able to listen to the engine run, firsthand. Perhaps, if you have the ability, you can post a link to a video clip of the engine running so we can have a listen. Initially, however, a valve clearance issue would be my first guess as to a possible problem. A combustion chamber leak-down test will help in determining your trouble, if you have access to a leak-down tester that is, or, if not, then at least a compression test would be helpful.

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