Lawn Mower Purchase


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Lawn Mower Purchase

Would an electric lawn mower or a push manual one be any good for the average size yard.Anyone have either of these types.
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I'd say for around 1/4 acre or less, either should be fine, but I prefer a gas mower. Electric would probably be ok if you are going to maintain the grass all the time so that it never gets high enough to overwork the mower. More than 1/4 acre I'd say go for the gas engine. Much more than 1/4 acre and I'd reccomend a small riding mower. It wouldn't take much, something like a $999 38" mower from sears. Over 3/4 acre and you need to go bigger.
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I used an 18" corded electric mower on a retired fella's small lawn for the whole summer of 2006. Yard was approx. 60 feet x 80 feet with a double wide trailer in the middle. Took me under 40 minutes to cut the lawn, and the mower did a good job if the grass wasn't too high. I got used to dragging the cord around pretty quick. I've never had fun with a manual reel mower, not EVER! They jam up in the turf we have in the north east which results in getting the mower handle in the gut when it stops short. I also found them to be too short for my 6'-3" frame and hard on the back and wrists.
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Well... First you have to define average. An average country lawn or an average suburb lawn? If you have kind of a smallish lawn but don't want to push it, you could get a small rear engine rider or, if you don't mind walking, a self propelled walk behind.
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Bontai Joe was paying better attention than I was. I didn't notice you said "push MANUAL" mower. I guess you mean a mower with no engine other than your breakfast, right? Maybe if you have a very small yard with a grass like centipede, and you cut it every few days. Personally, time is too much of a commodity nowadays, and I would rather not spend it cutting my grass. I tend to use what works well the fastest.

If you're asking about these options because of environmental aspects, I think it's so insignificant that it's barely worth considering. There are much larger fish to fry in the evironmental picture. A newer engine should burn fairly clean and use minimal fuel during the event of cutting a small yard. You might pollute more by driving to the station to buy gas for it.

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