The new "single mixture" 2 cycle oils


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The new "single mixture" 2 cycle oils

Hi All, I searched for this answer and didn't have much luck. My guess is I used the wrong terms, but anyway, can I ask a question about fuel mixtures?

I just bought an Echo CS 306 to replace the oil Craftsman saw I couldn't get running. According to Echo, it says I should use their power blend universal oil, which says its safe for ALL outdoor 2 cycle power equipment. I assume this is a 100:1 synthetic mixture. But I guess I'm just old school. I love the idea of one mixture, but my other 2 cycle stuff are a 7 year old 40:1 Craftsman blower, a 10 year old 40:1 Craftsman weedwacker, and a 15 year old 16:1 Craftsman (echo) hedgetrimmer.

Some of these motors are old. Is it really safe and ok to use these newer synthetic oils in the older equipment?

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universal 2 cycle oils

The manufacturer should have tested the oil in engines that require the different mix ratios before they make the statement that it is safe for all ratios otherwise it is false advertising. I have not seen any piston failures with these oils but have seen two Mantis tillers with the rod bearings out that the customer was using the Mantis labeled oil in two years. Look for a written warranty for the oil, either on their web site or in the pamphlet.
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Thanks. I just realized that I misread what Echo was saying. While their oil, mentioned above, is safe for USE in all 2 cycle engines, it's not a "one mixture for all" solution. It appears that the Echo is 50:1. It is synthetic though, so I'll be sure to use it on the Echo, and I'll likely switch the older machines to synthetic too.

I'll have to do a little more research on the oils I thought I was talking about here and see what the deal is. I don't know if I want to take the chance in my new saw though.

Thanks for the help.
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Actually, just to round this out, this was on the Echo website:


Fuel/Oil Mixture:

A 50:1 ratio with 89 Octane fuel can be used in all ECHO 2-stroke equipment, provided the oil is ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FC/FD certified. ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FC/FD oil must be used with a mid-grade (89 octane) or premium gasoline in all 1997 and newer engines.

A 50:1 Ratio = 1 US Gal. 89 Octane + 2.6 fl. oz. ECHO POWER BLEND OIL

Echo Power Blend Universal 2-Stroke Oil can be used in all of our 2-cycle air-cooled equipment ever made. You may also use this oil in any other brand of 2-cycle air cooled equipment, but it should always be mixed at the 50:1 ratio whether or not it was a 32:1 or 16:1 etc. machine. This oil is the highest quality 2-cycle oil on the market today. There is no need to have more than 1 tank of fuel for your 2-cycle equipment any more.


Notice the last line. Interesting. I'm willing to try it in my older eqpt.
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That oil, mixed at 50:1, should be better than the old regular oil mixed at whatever mixture reccomended, in any 2-stroke equipment. Experiments are even being performed with quality synthetic oil at 100:1 ratio with success, although I don't necessarily reccomend it.
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I started using PowerBlend after I bought my 670, now I use it in everything. No comlpaints at all, less smoke out of the old Toro brush cutter, and it's also got fuel stabilizer in it so there's no need to add anything.

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