craftsman 32cc 17" WeedEater


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craftsman 32cc 17" WeedEater

i have replaced the primer bulb, fuel lines (2), carb kit.
1st it would sputter when putting under a load.
so i put the bulb.

2nd it did the same thing.
so i noticed 1 bad line. and replaced it.

3rd it did the same thing.
so i noticed another bad line. and replaced it.

4th got it to run about 30 to 60 sec. then it would die. and was pulling so much i was out of breath.

5th put the carb kit. checked the vent and rest of the fuel lines. they seem fine. screwed the h and l all the way in and back out 1 1/2 turns. it runs but it is starving for something. i think fuel. it seems to do better with the choke closed or just barely open and a lot of triger action. runs for about 5 to 10 secs. then dies. it will start every time now but it is going to die. im thinking it is starved for fuel. thats why i need to choke it. now i think i need to really choke it! thanks for any help David
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Sure sounds like a carb/fuel issue. With all you have done I would think your carb is dirty and needs removing and cleaning...might not hurt to check the fuel filter as well while you're at it. Also doesn't hurt to check the muffler / exhaust for carbon deposits and or a clogged spark arrestor.
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I agree with duigoose.

Also, I would replace every fuel line (you mentioned other lines that still look good). They're all the same age, and if one went bad, the others are close if not bad too. Sometimes a small tiny pinhole can be unseen, but cause problems.
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i blew the carb out but it did look fine. was there anything i might have missed when doing so? i did see a couple of parts that i didnt replace. there was a little screen and a aluminum circle shoved into a hole. where is the fuel filter and i forgot to mention i did the exhaust also. is the spark arrestor inside the muffler? this all started when it was running fine and i replaced the primer bulb because it was cracked. i finaly got tired of gas getting on my arm and body. thanks in advance david
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You did install the primer bulb correctly? It will only work 1 way. It may or may not have an arrow on it as to the flow direction. Try turning it around. If that does not work look to see if something is stuck in the fuel inlet to the carb, small piece of crud. The filter is in the tank on the end of the line. It also holds the line on the bottom of the tank to keep it in the fuel.
Also you might try taking the muffler off and see if it runs longer. The spark arrester is inside the muffler if it has one. I had problems with mine needed choked to run and by taking the muffler off it allowed it to run long enough for me to adjust the carb to the best running adjustment. Even got it to run with the choke off, I ran it about 15 minutes with the muffler off then shut it off and put muffler back on and ran it for 15 minutes more. Sure was a lot of smoke from the muffler after I put it back on. Might have had the mix (oil to gas ratio in gas can)a little off. Now I add a little Sea Foam to every can of gas I mix to help keep things clean.

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i will check the bulb. it fills up the carb with fuel now but i will still check. to start off with on the needle valves 1 and a half on high and low?
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well bulb is on right. started right up and ran good for about a min. now im back to surging again for about 15 secs and dieing. what gap should i have on the plug and how should i set the needle valves to start with and does it matter which one i start with for fine tunning? i tested the other fuel lins and it didnt leak. i have had new fuel and oil and plug by the way. oil is 40 to 1.

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