Ryobi 2 Stroke Engine


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Ryobi 2 Stroke Engine

Hay guys i am having major problames with my strimmer.The first was when the magneto packed up and i replaced it but when it came to starting the machine the thing was a bugger to start.The spark is ok the plug is ok i have fresh fuel.So when i actually got the damn thing to run it would only run on Half Choke with throttle fully open.As soon as i pushed the machine into fully open Choke the machine would go Bang as in its backfiring.I said to my self that sounds like the Timing is out but its a 2 Stroke and it don't have Valves so i am a bit stuck.But in my opinion there is something wrong in the carb itself maybe the jets have gone or something i don't know.If you can share some light please do thx guys.Im not Used to fixing 2 Stroke engines thay are so more complicated than Jcb Engines and this is a fact lol
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I don't know what a packed up magneto is but check your spark arrestor and muffler 'cause they might be clogged.
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The magneto i mentioned is the Ignition Module that generates a current for the spark plug.I have done what you said and nothing is different.
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Did you set the air-gap to specs when you replaced the coil?

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