Craftsman Tiller Manual needed


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Question Craftsman Tiller Manual needed

Hi everyone
I have a Sears Craftsman 5 HP B&S motor tiller and I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get a owners manual for this tiller and Briggs & Strattion motor.
Model # 917298551 (tiller) Model# 130202 Type 0685-01
Code 79101110 (motor). I got this from a friend and he told me it worked fine last year and I was just going to go over it and clean everything up and these manuals or any help would be great. Thanks
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Very doubtful that you'll find an owners manual for the tiller but the original AYP part number is 1921J. The only Briggs manual you'll likely find is a service manual and is part number 270962 and can be ordered at any authorized Briggs service shop. FYI, this is a model year 1980 machine, which is why you'll likely not find the tiller manual.
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Check out the Chilton's Small Engine Repair 2-12 HP... which covers 2- and 4-stroke engines by Briggs/Stratton, Clinton, Kohler, Tecumseh, Wisconsin and Wisconsin-Robin in a variety of power equipment including tillers, mowers, mulchers, etc. I have a 1993 issue (as does the public library) that includes older machines.
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Help tiller wont start now

Thanks for the help I'll look for these. I worked on my tiller today I took the gas tank off got all the settleings out with the old gas,changed the oil,looked at the carb(it looks clean as a whistle) new spark plug(gapped @25) put it all back together ,put in new gas and try to get it to start but nothing. I took out the spark plug and checked to see if there was a spark while turning motor over and I did not see a spark. I'm stumped what could it be? What should I do to get this tiller running again. The motor looks in good shape . HELP
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Did you have the tiller running before you removed the tank to clean it?? If so, maybe a kill wire is pinched somewhere between the tank brackets & the engine?? Take a look. Good luck, Roger
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Question Craftsman Tiller Question

I didn't have it running before,but me and a friend took off the fly wheel and checked the points and they had some carbon on it we cleaned that put back together and it turned over but then we found that the gear box was froze up.My friend had another craftsman tiller with bad motor but gearbox was in great condition so I put my motor on the newer frame hooked up everything and it works like a charm.I do have one question how do you oil the gearbox where the chain is inclosed?
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To my knowledge, you can't without drilling a hole or taking it apart.
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Sears manual for tiller

I just went to the SEARS web site and put in the model number (917298551) and it took me right to the page for a manual. Good luck
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Kazually, that is the exploded view of the parts for the machine you're seeing, not a manual. The manual, however, is listed in the parts list but when you click on it to add it to the shopping cart it comes up NLA (no longer available). Also, I believe that the gearbox (chaincase) will use a grease, not an oil.

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