Ariens 824 Pull cord broken


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Ariens 824 Pull cord broken

Hey, can anybody help me with instructions on how to replace the pull cord on an Ariens Classic 824? The machine is only about 5 years old. The pull cord broke on me and I can't afford to have a shop fix it. I will post more info on the engine if needed.

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First remove the enging shroud or if you can just the recoil assembly for the shroud. Most of the recoil assemblies have four screws holding it to the shroud. Have your replacement rope ready for installation. You should be able to see the knot from the old rope in the starter pulley in the recoil assembly. Remove it. Next you tighten the recoil pulley in the direction the rope would turn it when starting the engine. After you get the pulley tight, gently back it off to where the hole for the rope enters the recoil housing and the pulley line up. Hold the pulley at this spot. Thread the new rope through the housing hole and into the pulley groove through the hole in the pulley. It helps to have heated the end of the rope so it has a firm, pointed end on it. Tie a knot on the end of the rope, pulling it into the recess in the pulley and gently let the pulley wind the rope into the pulley until you have the handle end at the housing hole. Good luck.

Most starter rope breaks are due to other problems with the engine not starting, such as old spark plugs or no fuel due to carburator problems.

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