craftsman riding lawn tractor won't budge


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craftsman riding lawn tractor won't budge

I was cutting with my Sears Craftsman lawn tractor model no. 917.255440 (older model bought in 1993) the other day when I drove under a tree & all of a sudden the thing stopped in its tracks. I may have driven over a stump or something; I was preoccupied with avoiding branches. When I stomp on the clutch now I no longer have the same resistance; it's like it somehow kicked out of gear & won't go back in. In the past the drive belt has come off & I put it back in place & kept going. This time the belt seems to be fine (maybe loose) and the engine is running fine. Any ideas?

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not moving

You may have lost or had a failure of the return spring on the belt tensioner. Look at the belt routing diagram and check where the idlers apply tension on the belts when the clutch is let out. If the belt is tight with out the brake on then your transmission may have let go.
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Thanks for the reply! I got to checking underneath & there is a spring which is laying around next to the muffler. I can tell where it connects to the frame next to the muffler but can't tell where it connects to the (rods) which extend out from the clutch. There's no decent diagram in the old owner's manual, so do you have any idea where I could find one to help me ID where it connects?

'Preciate it.
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I doubt you'll find a manual to tell you where each end of the spring hooks up and I'm sure I, nor anyone for that matter, could explain to you where, exactly, where to hook it up. I can only recommend having an assistant operate the clutch pedal up and down, up and down, up and down and you can look at the mechanical operation of the idler arm underneath and then use a common sense approach as to where the spring should hook up and then use a flashlight to find a tiny hole for the spring to hook into. Good luck and let us know the outcome.
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I took your advice & what do you know - I fixed the old thing. At least I think I attached it where it was supposed to go. Anyway it's running again & I appreciate your help!

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