Briggs&Stratton 121602 problems


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Briggs&Stratton 121602 problems

Our Mower stopped working after running for 6 years without problems. I cleaned the Carborator several times, replaced the spark plug, air filter look fine to me. After starting it runs not very well, blue/white exhaust, after a minute it's getting worse and after maybe 5 minutes it stops working completely. After that it's even hard to start the engine again. Cleaning the Carborator and spark plug (which is black after a short time) I can start over getting the same effect like descibed above. Gas and oil are the same I used during the last months (without any problems).
One thing I recognized .... after I tilt the running mower towards the operator side, the engine starts to run normal (normal speed, sound and no colored exhaust). Unfortunately it goes back to badly running mode with blue/white exhaust when I tilt it back to the horizontal position. It also appears that the white exhaust gets more intensive under load (i.e. cutting high grass)

Any ideas and tips are truly appreciated.

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We will need engine make & I.D. numbers to really get into detail, But quick, check your oil. Is it over full? does it smell like gas?? Did you disassemble the carb & soak it in a cleaner, replace the float & adjust & install a kit?? Let us know these few details & the pros will get you dialed in in no time. Roger
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Roger has you on the right track. I would suspect that the oil level is too high and/or is thinned with gas. If this is an overhead valve engine, I might suspect a blown head gasket if the oil issue checks out fine.
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First of all, thanks for the initial response and the tips you offered. Oil level is a the upper end, smells like regular oil to me but I'll give it another try at the weekend, clean everything again and try with less oil. Do I need to soak the carborator ? I used some spray cleaner.

A plate near the exhaust is stamped

121602 0269 11 991206 FA

I believe, that's the model and serial number.

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