Kohler CV14S

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Kohler CV14S

I mowed my grass last week and everything was fine with about 1/4 tank of gas remaining. I just started it up and smoke came spitting out the exhaust, enough so that the grass tubes in front of the mower were wet.
I fill the tank up and tried again and more smoke with the odor of rubber. It runs for about 10 seconds then stops, but it will start up again and repeat. Do I have a crack head?
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You mentioned that it smokes, and the smell of rubber.That tells me that something is going on with one of the belts.
Ether the drive belt or the deck belt.Does this happen when you releace the clutch or when you turn the blades on?
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Sounds to me like you have fuel in the oil. First, because of the smoke, second, because of the wet grass in front of the muffler. The burning rubber smell might be the oil gas smoke coming from the muffler, but could be a belt. The belt burning would be unrelated to the wet grass though.
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I can't tell you if you have a crack head but I can comment on the possibility of a cracked head. It would be rather unlikely that you have a cracked cylinder head but it may have a cylinder head gasket that has a breach between the valve chamber and the combustion chamber. But, on Kohlers, this would be rare as I've never seen one in my shop like such. I'm with Cheese on the carburetor in need of reconditioning since it appears that it is dumping fuel into the crankcase and polluting the oil with gasoline. Be sure to change the oil after you service the carb and before you run the engine again...gas is a very poor lubricant.

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