My dad's old DEERE Start problem


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My dad's old DEERE Start problem

First Let's get the specks placed. Here's what I have:
John Deere

Engine Kohler
Mod K241AQS
Spec 46763d
SN 8282461

This was my dad's and I have it now since he is deceased.
I would like to fix it up. It runs ok but lately when trying to start it, it just clicks. The clicking is coming from what I would call a "not attached to the starter", start solenoid located under the battery compartment. I have charged the battery and cleaned the battery posts. I have tightened the cables. I noticed a wire that is hot when the key is on is loose but I'm not sure where it is supposed to be attached. I have checked out the head light wires and do not believe the loose wire is to them. I would like to take a look at a wiring diagram. I think I could figure it out with the diagram. I have no manuals for the lawn tractor or the Kohler engine. Can someone point me to some on line manuals? How old is this lawn tractor anyway? Thanks for you time.

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Lets try to get the starter to crank & the pros will help with the date of the unit. With a test light (with a bulb, not the L.E.D. kind) hold the key in the start position, & check for voltage @ both large terminals of the starter relay. If yes, than check @ the starter. If yes, than move the ground of the test light to the batt positive terminal & again with the key in the start position, check the ground of the engine. These tests will tell us where the problem is, trusting you have a fully charged & tested battery & you said the starter relay was clicking. Let us know where you have hydro!! Roger
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If I recall how to read the serial#, it's a 1982 engine.

I'd suspect the solenoid isn't making contact when it engages, but you'll have to check (test light method hopkins listed above).
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Your tractor's serial number says it was made in 1978, and has a manual attachment lift.
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I replaced the solenoid and still just clicks. I can take the + end of cable loose at the solenoid and touch the starter and it will activate the starter and the engine will turn over. I need a schematic of this mower or an instruction manual.
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Did you do any of the tests posted above?? Check where you have power & ground when the key is in the start position. This will put a load on the circuit & you can measure the voltage with a REGULAR test light. This way you check for corroded or loose connectors, cables, etc. ((The battery has been charged & LOAD tested & it's the starter solenoid that clicks & not the fuel shut-off one???)) Make sure all connections are clean & tight.. Let us know, Roger
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To my knowledge, you'll only find wiring diagrams on the Deere website when you need a schematic. Unless someone can lead you to a free online schematic, contact your local Deere dealer to order one.
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I have a Murray, and I had the same exact problem. Turn the key, solenoid clicks, starter won't go. boo-hoo. Anywho, what I did was charge the battery, and after that it all worked fine.

You stated that you changed batteries, but you did not indicate whether or not the battery was new or used. If the battery does not have enough voltage, the starter won't fire but the solenoid will "click".

In the unlikely case that your starter is seized, or worn out, no voltage, no matter how strong, will make the starter turn. Try jumping the battery from your car to the mower.

Be very, very careful.

I'll explain if you have not done before, attach ground cable between battery and ground wire of battery. Connect red cable to POSITVE on car battery. Touch the other end of the POSITIVE (RED cable) to the lead on the starter.

Touching any part of the lawnmower with the hot lead will cause spark.

Be careful when you touch the hot lead of the jumper cable to the lead on the starter, it's been known to weld the two together. If that happens, it's usually minor and you should be able to separate the two. Should it be worse and you are unable to break the weld, yank the ground lead from either battery end and that will break the circuit.

Like I said above, you have to be CAREFUL when jumping directly to the starter but it is a very good and often used means of troubleshooting.

If starter doesn't turn, or turns s s-l-o-w-l-y, then replace the starter. If the starter turns rapidly, then I would suspect the battery, solenoid, or cabling between the battery-solenoid-starter.

New solenoid for my Murray is all of $8. Good luck.

That's my two cents and I want a return on my money.

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