White smoke


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White smoke

Last Sunday my sears riding mower bellowed out a lot of white smoke. The engine starts without any problems and runs for until I put a load on it by either engaging the blades or moving forward. I decided I'd do some maintainence: spark plug, air and oil filter.
When draining the oil I noticed that there apeared to be gasoline mixed in. The viscosity was very low and it smelled like gas. I left the oil tank empty and put the job off until today. I noticed that the gas level had decreased so I just tried draining the oil again and got some more gasoline (it runs like water).

Sears Model 917.273140
Kohler engine CV490-27508
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I'm thinking your carburetor needs to be removed and cleaned. The white smoke was due to the gas mixed with the oil in the crankcase. Hang in here and the pros will be along with model specific things.
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Duigoose has you on the right track. You need to remove & disassemble your carb to have a good look @ the float, needle & seat. Shake the float near your ear & listen for fuel inside. If your into it this far you may want to recondition the rest of the carb with a kit. The needle valve comes in the kit, but the float is seperate. Good luck, Roger

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