Craftsman Pressure washer


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Craftsman Pressure washer

I have this Craftsman Pressure washer/sprayer, Its a 6.0 hp, 2400 psi. Runs real good. Right now I have two issuse with it. First, got no suction from the hose used for cleaners. Second, on the bottom, on the pump, there is a small sight window with a red dot in it. Anybody know what I'm suppose to see in it? Its actually my mother-in-laws unit, and I got her looking for the owners manual. But until then, I don't want to run the unit with out knowing what the purpose of the window is?
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The window with the dot in the middle of it is is to look into to see if the pump has any oil in it.The instruction manual should tell you which kind to use.
The oil level should NOT be above this dot (when the unit is setting level).

As far as the cleaning tube if it doesn't have any air leaks like a lose connection or cracks in the hose,it should work.
If your's has a filter on this hose,make sure that it's clean.

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